MAMIDOIL –JETOIL was a Greek company that started in 1968 from Crete, Greece and reached a peak of a retail network of about 600 petrol stations throughout Greece. It also had a significant presence abroad and specifically in the Balkans. In 2016 the company terminated operations under the previous ownership and in 2019 the company was bought out by Cetracore Energy, the European branch of ROSNEFT. Thus it enters a new era under the name CETRACORE JETOIL starting once again in the Greek market. At the moment it has about 80 petrol stations but planning for expansion in the future.

GS STERGIOPOULOS S.A. was one of the major sign suppliers of JETOIL before terminating operations with the previous owner having extensive knowledge of the technical details on the signs. In 2019 our company was awarded the contract to work again with the new company and work closely together to build again its retail network.


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