Piraeus Bank was founded in 1916. It has rapidly grown in size and activities, representing today the leading Bank in Greece with 29% market share in terms of loans and deposits. Along with its organic growth, Piraeus Bank has made a series of strategic acquisitions and mergers aiming to establish a strong presence in the domestic market.

In 2012, Piraeus Bank acquired the “good” part of Agricultural Bank (selected assets and liabilities) and Geniki Bank, a former subsidiary of Societe Generale. In March 2013, Piraeus Bank acquired the Greek banking operations of Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus Popular Bank and Hellenic Bank. In June 2013, Piraeus Bank acquired Millennium Bank Greece, a subsidiary of BCP. In April 2015, Piraeus Bank acquired the carve-out part of Panellinia Bank healthy assets. These transactions comprise important steps towards the restructuring of the Greek banking system, in which Piraeus Bank has participated from the very beginning as a core pillar.

All these years GS STERGIOPOULOS SA has been one of the major bank’s partners in the supply of signage.

    • In 2007 we began participating to the booming of PIRAEUS BANK in the Balkans and in Greece, providing the signware for its new branches where we also did the installation.
    • In 2011 we participated successfully to the realisation of the “Green Project” of PIRAEUS BANK throughout Greece
    • In 2013 our company participated in the changing of signs for all the above banks (Agricultural Bank Of Greece, Millennium Bank, Geniki Bank etc.) into branches of PIRAEUS BANK realising a project of more than 1.300 branches.
    • We have participated in the application of One Way Vision Films on windows of the branches throughout Greece.
    • We have also participated in the chains of illumination to Piraeus Bank branches from flurecent lamps into LED modules. 
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